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Geers Farms

Description: Geers Farms is a family owned and operated farm located in Northern Lower Michigan. The farm history starts back to the McBain family when they settled [...]
Business Name: Geers Farms
Contact Name: Bernard Geers
Phone Number: 231-825-4032
Fax: 231-825-2309
5600 West Geers Road, McBain, MI, United States, Michigan, USA 49657
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Green Valley Tree Farms

Business Name: Green Valley Tree Farms
Contact Name: Keith & Amy Helsel
Phone Number: 231-510-4628
5235 West Phelps Road, Lake City, MI, United States, USA
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Valley Farms Supply

Description: Our goal is to help the water well driller and pump installer finish the job profitably and on-time.  We are committed to stocking the [...]
Business Name: Valley Farms Supply
Contact Name: Frank Seeley
Phone Number: 231-839-4311
Fax: 231-839-4399
356 Bacon St, Lake City, MI, United States, Michigan, USA 49651
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