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1st Chance Garage, LLC

Description:     As the Owner/Operator of 1st Chance Garage, I am an ASE Certified Automotive Technician. I have an Associate’s Degree in Automotive Service Technology,  Bachelor’s [...]
Business Name: 1st Chance Garage LLC
Contact Name: Dennis Kenny, Jr.
Phone Number: 231-779-2890
2907 S Lachance Rd. Lake City, MI 49651, Michigan, USA 49651
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Northern Auto-Lake City

Description: Owner Frank Rosted's interest in cars began at an early age. Growing up in Lake City, MI, Frank's career began during his high school years [...]
Business Name: Northern Auto-Lake City
Contact Name: Frank & Carol Rosted
Phone Number: 231-839-6296
Fax: 231-839-7192
4055 W Rosted Rd, Lake City, MI, United States, Michigan, USA 49651
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